Top 15 Weird Apps That Will Make You Go Crazy (2020)

In today’s time, Smartphones play a very vital role in our life. We can do many things in our Smartphone, whether you have any office work or money transaction and social media. All these features are available through different applications in our Smartphones. However, there are also many apps available which might be weird to us. So today, we are sorting out some top 15 weird apps for our Smartphones. These apps are free and you can easily use them.

Top 15 Weird Apps For Android And iOS

1. Hold On

The first app in our top 15 weird apps list is, Hold On. It is a weird app where you need to press the “Press Me” button to see how long you hold it. However, it is pointless but you will enjoy it and can actually test your patience.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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2. Demotivational Pics

We all have downloaded many apps for inspiration but you have you ever heard that the demotivating app is also available. This app is quite strange because this app will demotivate you. In this app, you will find a huge collection of funny demotivational pics. You can share them with your friends, download them or upload your own demotivational pic. You can download this app from the Play Store or Apple Store.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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3. Carrr Matey

Through this app, you will never lose your car in a parking lot or a busy street. It works by asking you to mark the location where you have parked your car. Then this app uses your phone’s GPS to guide you back to your parked car. It also has different features like parking timer and recent locations. This app is currently available for iOS users.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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4. Places I’ve Pooped

It is understood that the name of this app is that there is no need to talk about it. With the help of this app, you can actually share the location privately with your friends around the world. This is a free app. It is available for Android and iOS both.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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5. Run pee

This is an app that tells you when it will be good to go to the toilet while watching a movie. This app will tell you the best time to run and pee without missing the best scenes of the movie. It will also provide you a synopsis so you will know what you actually missed. Run Pee works by alerting you on each peetime, so you can relax and enjoy your movie.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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6. Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool

This app allows you to find ghosts and spirits near you and allow them to communicate through a single word or multi-word messages. This app is available for free for iOS users.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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7. Paper racing

If you also get bored at the toilet, then this app is for you. It’s a simple and addictive game in which you have to drag off a roll of toilet paper as faster as you can. You can also play it in multi-user mode and challenge your friends. It is available for Android users.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019

8. Pimple Popper

Whenever you feel bored or stressed you can definitely try this app. Once you start popping, you will not stop.  It is awful but addictive at the same time. It is available for iOS and Android users both.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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9. Milk The Cow

This app lets you experience milking a cow whether you are good at it or now. If you want to try milking a cow then you can try this app. You can start milking vigorously and the app will give you scores based on how quickly you can fill up the bucket with milk. It is currently available for Android Users.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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10. S.M.T.H (Send Me To  Heaven)

S.M.T.H is a weird game which requires you to throw up your phone in the air and to see how high you can get your phone. It will register the height and display the results. Well, I will recommend you to do not use any premium phone if you are going to try this app.

Top 10 Weird Apps You Can Try In 2019
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11. iShaver Pro

Lost your shaver or trimmer? Don’t worry we have an app that will help you to shave your hairs. Not really, but virtually!

This app helps you enjoy the vibration and sound of your shaver that might be soothing for some of us. To start this app, what we have to do is hold the blue button in the center and this will start vibrating. This is a good app if you want to prank your friends. This doesn’t settle with one, there are bundles of option in this.

weird apps for android
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12. Plumber Crack

This weird app will help in relaxing your mind with the help of ice cubes. Plumber Crack is similar to paper toss or any other basketball game where you have to toss the paper or basketball and have to put that in the basket. Here you have an ice cube and you put that in the plumber. You get rewarded for every successful shot. This app has more than one million downloads and people are loving this app. This application is available on both Apple AppStore as well as on the Google Playstore.

weird apps for android
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13. Nothing

As the name suggests Nothing. This is our reply when people ask what are you doing and we reply nothing. Same goes with this weird app. ask this app what it is doing? It will reply to nothing. This app contains not even a single element without word “nothing” in it. You will see a blank grey page with word nothing in its center and that’s it. There is no misleading in this application as developers have mentioned there this app has nothing in it.


14. Weird Guys

Weird Guys is one of the weird apps where there is a weird character and that character is attracted to a flower which is located at the center of the screen and what you have to do is protect that flower from this guy. This game is totally weird and you will feel it is weird because of this weird logic. You can change your flowers and there are several upgrades, you can make these flowers big and can change even flower pots too.

Weird apps for android - Weird Guys
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15. $1000000

This app lets you feel like a millionaire with this app you can count millions of bucks you can choose the amount whether you want denomination of $50 or $100. You can have a feel of counting millions of dollars by using t this app. This application is available on both platforms i.e Android and IOS.

weird apps for android


So these were the top 15 weird apps you can find in the App Store and Google Play Store. I tried them personally and I was wondering who develop these kinds of apps and people download them. However, you should try them if you want to waste some hours of your life. Also, don’t forget to give us your feedback about these apps in the comments section below.

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