Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2019

As we know proper link building is an effective part for the SEO of our blog. Recently, I published a post on how to create high-quality backlinks through Social Bookmarking. So today I will share another technique to create good backlinks through Directory Submission. At the end of the article, I will also share the top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List. 

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What Is Directory Submission?

Directory Submission is a technique to create good quality backlinks by submitting our website URLs on other web directories which will classify the information and links to the relevant categories.

A web directory is an online directory on the World Wide Web. Just like in a phone directory, various phone numbers are listed, same is the case in the web directory.

These directories are not a search engine which will display URLs based on your keywords but it list websites by their category and sub-categories and counted by the search engines.

What Are Directory Submission Sites?

Directory Submission sites are online web directories where you have to fill up details like your name, website link, description and category of your site and submit the form.

These directory submission sites are the best places to get good quality backlinks. It is an off-page SEO technique which is quite easy and very effective.

Types Of Directory Submission

There are 3 main types of Directory Submissions:

1. Paid Or Featured Listing

In the paid directory submission, you have to pay some amount to the site for the submission and approval of your link. Through paid listing, your link will get faster approval, it will get approved at that time or within 24 hours. It is an effective way if you want some quick backlinks.

2. Regular Link With Reciprocal Link

In this type of directory submission, you don’t have to pay any fee for the link submission but for faster review and approval, you need to exchange links with your site. You need to mention the link of the directory submission site on your website and then submit the reciprocal link so that it will help the administrators to review your site faster. But I personally do not prefer submitting to directories which require reciprocal links or banners back on your site because it can harm your SEO score.

3. Free Listing

Here, you don’t have to pay any fee for the link submission but the chances of getting approval are low and it takes a lot of time.

4. Niche Directory Submission

This type of directory submission helps you focus and build links on specific industry and subject. Means, you will submit to directories which are relevant to your business. These include RSS Feeds, blog scripts, and online business. Getting listed in Niche Directory Sites will help Google to understand that your business is relevant to your keywords.

Benefits Of Directory Submission

There are several benefits of Directory submission:

1. Quality Backlinks

It helps you build quality backlinks as it is the most basic step in any SEO campaign.

2. Better Ranking

Listing your links in high DA directory submission sites will help boost your site to get better rankings in SERP.

3. Fast Indexing

It will benefit you in faster indexing of your web pages in major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Your links will be crawled even faster.

4. Building A Brand

Having your site submitted in high DA directory submission sites will help you gain recognition as a great brand.

5. Increase Page Rank

Directory submission will help you increase your page rank as Google uses good quality directories in its algorithm to calculate Page Rank.

How To Do Directory Submission

Here I will show you the basic steps to do directory submission. I am submitting my link on Traffic Simulator. You can also read detailed about this here.

Step 1: Go to the web directory’s site and select the relevant category according to your website. 

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Step 2: Now select the relevant sub-category and click on the “submit link” button located on the top primary menu.

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Step 3: Now select the category of your submission and then click on “Go To Step Three” button. 

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Step 4: Fill up the details and click on “Continue”. So that’s all! Now your link is submitted and will be reviewed by the directory’s administrator. 

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List

After researching among various top-notch sites on the Internet, I created this top 50 High DA Directory Submission Sites List.

Sr No.WebsiteDA
26www.sublimedir.net52 52

Commonly Asked Questions About Directory Submission

1. Is Directory Submission Beneficial In 2019?

Yes, Directory Submission is still beneficial in 2019 because you can easily build backlinks without waiting for a long time. It can do better for your off-page SEO and increase your rankings. Though, I will also say that you must put more focus on your content in 2019.

2. Is Directory Submission Better Than Other Link Building Techniques?

Directory Submission is one of the best link-building techniques but it is not the best link building technique. See, Directory Submission will help you build some quality backlinks and get you noticed on Google but it will not help you if you want to rank on the first page by just doing Directory Submission.

3. Is Automatic Directory Submission Good?

There are many websites which help you do automatic directory submission. But honestly, I would recommend not to use these types of platforms because these types of sites are also filled with spam and unauthorized sites which can make your site vulnerable to Google and harm your site’s ranking.

How To Build Quality Links For Your Blog In 2019


Directory submission is a basic step for the SEO of your website. It helps you build quality backlinks, get traffic, rank higher in the search engine and gain recognition. Go ahead and do some directory submission on the sites I have listed above. It will take some time to get listed in the directory but it is helpful for your website and worth doing. Keep picking and keep sharing 🙂

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