Top 10 Smart Android Apps For 2019

Android apps are booming nowadays. The total number of apps in the play store has grown to 2.5 million. There are different apps in the Google Play Store for the same functionality. So Today in this post, I will be sorting out some of the unique and smart Android apps for 2019.

Top 10 Smart Android Apps For 2019

1. Paletta

The first app in our list is Paletta. In Paletta, you can load a photo and take out all the colors. Now you can split different colors into different components of the photo. For example, if you want to highlight the foreground or want to remove all the colors in the photo, you can do with Paletta. If you love color splash, then this is the best android app is for you.

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2. Atomus

Atomus is an interactive visualizer app which is meant to calm you down by playing peaceful music and interactive visuals like Fireworks, Tornado, Nuke, Atom, Nuclear bomb, Volt Lightning and many more. This app gives you control of 12,000 particles and you can control them with up to 10 fingers and each one of them creates different dynamic visuals.

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Image Credits: Google Play

3.  Safari Central

You are getting heard of Augmented Reality and people are getting more and more convinced that this is the future, so of the best way to experience on Android is Safari Central. It is an android app where you can actually choose from 6 different animals and bring them into reality by targetting a frame like a currency bill through your camera.

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Image Credits: Medium

4. Moasure

Moasure is a simple android app through which you can easily measure the height, width, and length of the objects as well the internal dimensions of the room. Simple, you have to put your smartphone on one end of the surface, tap the measure button and move it to the other end of that surface. It will give you the complete dimensions of that object which will be pretty accurate.

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5. AR Plan 3D

AR Plan 3D is a measurement app which uses Augmented Reality (AR) to pretty accurately measure the real-world objects and room dimensions. The technology in this app allows to lay virtual measurement tape on the surfaces and make measurements. With AR Plan 3D, you can actually measure the dimensions of the objects in your room or you can check out anything you are planning to buy would actually fit in.

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6. White Noise Market

There are a lot of apps in the Google Play Store for white noise which people might use for tranquillity but this app is a market for white noise users where you can navigate the world map, choose the location where you feel like being transported to and listen an audio from that location. You can also upload your own recordings or search by keyword to find your perfect sound.

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7. Inbox It

Inbox It is a kinda different app for saving web pages instead of other methods like bookmarking or pinning them to a different location. When you save a web page using Inbox It, it sends you a copy in the mail which includes webpage’s images and description. I guess it is the app for people who want their things of high-priority get done or people who like everything in one place in their inbox.

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8. Idea Note

There are many note-taking apps in the Google Play store, but this might be the best one of all. Idea Note is a note-taking your app which converts your voice into text notes. It got all the standard features like being able to sort, organize and attach labels to different kind of notes. It also saves your time and saves your voice file so you can listen to your voice again very easily. You can lock your notes too, so if you have anything sensitive information then you can lock your note behind a fingerprint or a pin.

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9. Ikea Place

With Ikea Place, you can actually visualize the furniture that is from their store into the real environment. It can be the best in AR because objects retain their original dimensions. You can place as many objects in the environment and it never forgets where they were originally placed.

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10. The History Of Everything

For those who really can spend more time on learning History, then this app is an interactive and fun way to learn it. In this app, you get a timeline which shows all the main events from the big bang to the creation of the sun. It puts everything in an organized way and if you want to learn more about anything, you just tap on it.

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Wrapping Up!

So these were some of the smart android apps for 2019. If you find this list of best and smart android apps for 2019 to be helpful, tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. The year has changed to 2019, And, again people will demand the new apps to make their lives easy.
    Hey, Deeptanshu, you have collected a list of amazing smart android apps for 2019. All the apps you have penned in this post are very well. But, especially my eyesight has focused on AR apps, i.e. AR Plan 3D, Ikea Place, and Safari Central.
    I will download these apps on my Android Device and have the startling experience of the AR app in 2019. Also, Idea Note, Paletta, Atomus, and Inbox It apps are noticeable.
    Keep sharing other blogs similar to this one.

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