Increase Adsense Revenue By Increasing Your Adsense CTR And Perfect Ad Placement

Increase Adsense Revenue through perfect ad placement

Hello Readers! Today I am going to share the best method to increase your Adsense revenue by increasing your Adsense CTR. When I first created my website, I was getting good traffic but unable to generate income through Adsense. And It was so because I was not getting enough ad clicks. I was getting ads impressions but not ad clicks. I think this is the problem every new blogger or website owner might be going through.  Look, let me tell you first that

How You Generate Adsense Revenue?

You earn some amount when a user on your website or blog clicks on an ad. Let me clear you that you don’t earn any amount if you are getting only ads impressions. Impressions mean how many times people are seeing your Adsense Ads. 

So if you want to earn some good amount through Adsense, you need better ad clicks on your website/blog.

How Will You Get Better Ad Clicks?

Look, ad clicks depends on the placement of the ads on your blog/website. If you are getting a good amount of traffic but not getting good ad clicks then it is because of poor placement of ads on your website.

You have to put ads at the position so the user will see the ad and if he finds it relevant, then he will definitely click on it. That how it will work.

How To Do Perfect Ad Placement?

I am going to tell the ad placement which I implemented and tested on my own website. After implementing this ad placement, I was able to generate about 10-12 clicks in 1000 page views. On an average for a website/blog, you get a CTR of about 1-2%. You can also read more about Adsense CTR at How much CTR is good for Adsense ?

So basically you have to put 5 ads on your blog. It includes 1 Sidebar Banner Ad, 1 Header Ad, and 3 Rectangular Ads.

  • Put First Ad (Text/Image) 336*280 At The Beginning Of The Article.
  • Put Second (Text Image) 300*250 At The Middle Of The Article.
  • Third (Text/Image) 336*280 At The End Of The Article.
  • Fourth (Text/Image) 300*600 At The Sidebar. You Can Use Widget For Placing This Ad.
  • Fifth (Text/Image) Header Ad At The Header Position.

Plugins you can use are Insert Post Ads or WP Quads. I will recommend you to use Insert Post Ads Plugin.

You Can Also Try “Link Ads”

Another type of ads which can give you a good amount of ad clicks are “Link Ads”. You can add Link Ads under the first paragraph of the article. However, it gives you more clicks but very less CPC (Cost Per Click).

  • Link Ads size for Desktop And Tablet: 728*90
  • Link Ads Size For Mobile: 336*280

Make sure the background and border color of the Link Ad should be completely opposite of your website’s theme color so that your ad will perform better.

To find out the opposite color of your theme, Google Search for opposite of blue, opposite of red…

Let me know about how it goes for you in the comment section below. If you have any query then you can also ask about it. Thank you for reading. 

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