How To Write A Blog Post That Can Actually Rank In Google’s Top 10

Can a good SEO-Friendly blog post rank among the top 10 results in Google without making any backlinks or promotion?

The answer is Yes. Of course, I am telling you this through my experience.

Many beginners just choose a topic and start writing long articles on it. They just publish more and more articles. After putting all this hard work, they do not get traffic, feel disappointed and leave blogging.

But that’s not how blogging works.

Believe me, I was doing the same and unable to rank my blog posts.  I just get disappointed every time until I researched on how writing a top quality SEO optimized blog post.

I researched, then I wrote my blog posts using those strategies and finally, they were ranking among the top 10 Google’s search results.

So if you are struggling too with this too, then you are in the right place because today, I am gonna tell my strategies and tips to write a blog post that can actually rank among top 10 search results and you will feel motivated again to write more blog posts.

My Top Strategies To Write A Blog Post

Many bloggers have a misconception that only backlinks help you get noticed and ranked in Google’s search results. But according to my experiences, that’s not fully true.

Look, Backlinks are important for your website for gaining good authority and popularity with search engines. Backlinks can help you rank higher in search results. And that what many newbie bloggers find it difficult. They are unable to build backlinks.

But if you want to rank a blog post without backlinks you need to know this.

“You can rank a blog post without making any backlinks in Google’s top 10 results if the topic you are writing on is less competitive. If your topic is much more competitive or having high keyword difficulty than it is less likely to rank without backlinks.”

So I recommend you to always choose the less competitive topics if your blog is new or have less domain authority.

Now I will tell my top strategies to write a blog post which I implement in all my articles.

1. Topic Research

Topic research plays a vital role in blogging. Writing any post without proper researching about it is not beneficial.

By researching, I mean to find out the topics the audience is searching for.

Make sure the topic on which you are writing is relevant to your niche. If you are picking up any topic without knowing its search volume, then it is not going to rank in the search results.

Whenever you choose a topic, make sure you don’t write about it on your blog in very short.

Research more about the topic and put more value to the article, expand it and make it understandable.

2. Keyword Research

This is the most important thing that every blogger must do before writing a blog post. If you want to rank a blog post, then you must include those keywords in your blog post which your target audience is searching for.

If you write your blog post without knowing what your target audience is searching for then how you are gonna rank even appear in the search engine results.

Whenever I write my post, I first find out low competition keywords with high search volume. I make a list of all those keywords in Google Sheets and compare them. I will publish a separate post on How You Can Do Keyword Research Using Free Tools later.

But if you know how to find proper keywords then you must work on low competition keywords.

The tools I use for Keyword Research is Ahref. If you are a beginner and want to use free tools then I would suggest you use Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere, and Google Keyword Planner.

3. Compare Your Blog Post Length With Other Top 10 Ranking Posts

Another strategy I would recommend you to follow is ‘Always Compare Your Article Length With Other Top Ranking Blog Posts On Google’.

For example, if you are writing on “Top Image Compressing Plugins For WordPress”. Now go on Google and search for your topic. You will see that there is post ranking on 1st position with the title “Top 10 Image Compressing Plugins For WordPress”.

Now you will know that the article which is ranking 1st in the Google Search Results has covered ’10 Image Compressing Plugins’. So if you write your article about “Top 15 Image Compressing Plugins For WordPress”, then your chances of ranking among top 10 in Google search results with increase.

Basically, What I am trying to tell you that always make better content than your competitors.

4. In-Depth Blog Posts

Another strategy which can really work great for is ‘writing in-depth articles’. This is how I write my articles. First, I research my topic. I try to acquire all the information which is enough for every user searching for that topic or query.

Then I search my topic on Google. I check all the top 10 ranking blog posts and see the information which they are not covering. After checking all the top 10 ranking posts, I write my blog post covering all the information which other top-ranking sites are not covering. So that’s how you write in-depth articles.

For example, If I am writing on ‘Top 10 Power Banks’. I will search for it on Google and check all the top 10 ranking blog posts.

How To Write A Blog Post

Now I see that the site ranking third for that topic has covered all the basic information like price and specification except features. So now I will cover the basic information with the features on the power banks. Hence, Google ranks detailed and comprehensive articles, my chances of ranking among the top 10 search results will increase.

You should write your articles in such a way that if a user lands on your site searching for a particular topic, then he should find all the information about that topic in your blog post so that he will not need to search further or go to another site.

5. Proper On-Page SEO

Whenever you write a blog post, make sure it is fully On-Page SEO optimized. If your content is powerful then On-Page SEO can help you improve your site search results.

On-Page SEO is nothing but structuring your content and optimizing various elements in a proper format.

It includes:

  • Good Title Tag
  • Meta Tag
  • Focus Keyword Density
  • Meta Description
  • Optimized Slug
  • Proper Headings
  • Outbound Links And Internal Linking
  • Alt Text In Images


These are the 5 tips I always follow while I write a blog post. If you don’t take content writing seriously then it is not going to give you results. Work on your writing skills and always create better content than your competitors because a good piece of content always performs better.

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