How To Use Dual Sim And SD Card In Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter

How To Use Dual Sim And SD Card Both In Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter: Nowadays 99% of smartphones are coming with hybrid sim slots in which either you can use 2 sims or 1 sim and 1 SD Card together. You cannot use 2 sims and 1 SD Card together. So today in this post, I am gonna tell you how you can use 2 sims and 1 SD Card together on your Android Smartphone using Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter.

What Is Hybrid Sim Slot?

Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter
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When China started launching their smartphones in India, the dual sim round began here and people started using dual sims simultaneously in their phones. With time, Smartphones evolved with new designs and technology.

For better designs and compatibility, Dual sim slot and Micro SD card slot were combined and formed a Hybrid Sim Slot and also the internal storage of the phones increased from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB to a minimum of 8GB.

Why Do We Need Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?

Budget Smartphones starting from 8,000 to 11,000 does not offer you internal storage of 64GB or 128GB, they usually come with 16GB or 32GB internal storage in which 5-6 GB goes into the reserved memory, and if your install Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and other 3-4 apps, the internal storage gets filled.

So now, if you are using dual sims then you cannot expand your storage in Hybrid Sim Slot, to do so you can buy a Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter to use dual sims and Micro SD card together in your smartphone.

What Is A Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?

Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter
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A Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter Is basically a paper-thin circuit where one end is consist of a small metal interface to connect the sim card connectors and at the other end, you attach the actual sim card.

Your one Sim Card + Micro SD Card will be attached within your Smartphone in the nano sim tray while one Sim card will be attached outside your phone.

Should We Use Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?

Using Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter is totally safe to use in your phone. It will not put your phone in any danger or harm, you can easily use 2 sims at a time. You can face some connections issues but they are very rare.

Some people will say that the hybrid sim slot will heat up and harm your phone, but they are rumors only. It is not as bad as that, it is safe to use.

One main thing about using hybrid sim slot adapter is that it will only consume more battery power of your phone. But if your phone has a good battery backup then it is not an issue.

How To Install Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter On Your Phone?

Step 1: First of all, arrange all your items, the adapter, two sims, and one Micro SD Card at one place.

Step 2: Now place your Micro SD Card and first sim card on the adapter.

Step 3: Place your second sim card on the phone’s sim card tray.

Step 4: Now carefully adjust the hybrid sim slot adapter on your phone’s sim tray and slowly push the tray inside your phone. That’s all, you are ready to use it.

You can also see this video by Techniblogic to install the adapter properly on your phone. 

Where To Buy The Best Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter?

I will recommend you to buy Shockware Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter (Run 2 Sim And Micro Sd Card) from Amazon. It is trusted and easy to install. You Can Buy It Here.

Wrapping Up!

Usually, with the new upcoming smartphones, we don’t need to use Hybrid Sim Slot Adapter because the internal storage provided already is enough for our daily use. But if you are a photographer or videographer then this tool might be useful for you.

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