How To Build A Facebook Audience For Your Blog/Website

How To Build A Facebook Audience For Your Blog

Build A Facebook A Audience For Your Blog

Building an audience for your blog takes time and great efforts. A great audience can be helpful for your blog in many ways.

Through a great audience, you can get traffic, you can reach out to the people, and you can also build a brand. But, first I will tell you:

Why You Need To Build Audience For Your Blog

Posting regularly on your blog is not that effective for building your audience.

You need to think like a marketer. You need to treat your content as a product.

A product without a marketing strategy cannot be sold. The same case is here with your content. People are not gonna find your valuable content until you promote it and reach out to them.

You have to reach out to many people as you can. When you promote your content, people will come to know that you create this content and it is worth sharing. They share the content further and further and that’s how you build an audience for your blog.

But it will happen so when you will reach out the correct audience.

How You Can Reach Out To The Correct Audience?

Sharing your content in like-minded communities is a great way to reach out the people.

For finding communities in your niche, you can try Google Plus, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook and there are much more social networks where you can find bigger communities.

One of the ways to reach out the targetted audience is to build a Facebook Audience. So today in this post, I will tell you How You Can Build A Facebook Audience For Your Blog. But first I will tell you:

Why Do You Need To Need To Build A Facebook Audience?

Facebook is not only a great social media network but also a perfect community-building platform.

Facebook has 71% of the adult online population which helps you to attract a huge crowd. It has more active and engaged users which can help you to get more leads.

When you log in to Facebook, you can see your friends, neighbors, family or colleagues activities and what are they up to. This is what makes up your community. So in Facebook, you are already into the community frame of mind.

How To Build A Facebook Audience For Your Blog?

So I will share the 5 methods to build a pretty good Facebook Audience:

1. Make A Facebook Group

A great way of building an audience is to make a Facebook group for your blog and share the joining link of the group in your blog.

The readers of your blog will definitely join the group and through that group, you can discuss new topics and share your articles to get traffic.

It will help you to build a like-minded audience in your niche. For example, if you shared an article about “Blogging Tips” then it will reach the targetted audience and help you get more shares and views.

The conversation in the group will be focused on your content and will have the potential to reach more people and build a greater audience.

2. Make A Facebook Page

Having a good, active and big Facebook Page is a good way to get recognition as a Brand.

But getting likes on your Facebook page is not that easy. You will have to invest some money to grow your Facebook page.

If you are earning well from your existing blog then you can invest some money for the promotion of your Facebook Page. You can post links of your blog and drive more traffic and gather more leads.

It will also help you to get more social shares of your article. And if your content is really helpful for the audience, then more and more audience will get connected to you organically.

3. Promote Your Content Through Facebook Ads

The best way to reach out the targetted audience is to promote your content on Facebook.

Promoting your blog content will help you to reach a wider audience and get you more recognition.

You only have to invest some amount in the promotion. I have created a separate post on How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook Ads (Step By Step Guide).

It will help you understand Facebook Ads and benefits of promoting your content.

4. Consistently Sharing

Keep sharing your blog posts on your Facebook news feed.

The ultimate goal of sharing your blog posts is to not only reach your current fans who like your content but also engage them to share your content among their friends which also fits as your targetted audience.

It will help to build a better connection with other people. Make sure you share the type of content which brings out a response.

5. Use Facebook Hashtags

Make sure you use relevant hashtags in your Facebook posts because Facebook hashtags can be a great tool to reach a wider audience.

Research and find out what hashtags are currently being used in your niche and put them in your posts while sharing. It will also help you to categorize your content.

If you will do it consistently, you will begin reaching out to the audience which doesn’t currently know you but interested in your niche.

Wrapping Up!

Building an audience will help you through the long-term. It will help you gain regular visitors and subscribers on your blog.

Today, one of the best Indian blogs, have built an audience of about 911939 users.

So start working and build your audience now! If you have any query through the article, tell me in the comments section below. Keep Picking, Keep Sharing 🙂

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