Must Try These 5 Free Keyword Research Tools For SEO

When I started blogging, I did not realize the importance of keyword research. I just simply choose some random topics and start writing long articles on them.

I spent hours and days writing on those topics in expectation of getting a lot of traffic. But what I got? Totally zero traffic. Not a single person was reading my article.

Then I did some thinking and research, and what I found was that the topics on which I was writing did not have any search volume. Actually, no one is searching for them on Google.

I was like, all my hard work has been wasted. Then I did some research on Google about how to finding topics for blogging. And then I found the concept of keyword research in Blogging.

So that’s what I am going to tell you all about keyword research in this article. I will also tell you about How you can do free keyword research using free keyword research tools.

What is Keyword?

If you’re in Blogging Field or in digital marketing, you might have come across the term “Keyword”. Actually keyword is a word through which you can rank your webpage on Google or anywhere else. Let’s say your keyword is ‘Cheap Laptops’, then by doing proper keyword researching and optimizing your article with it, you can rank your article in SERPs and drive traffic.

What is Keyword Researching?

Keyword Researching is the process of analyzing keyword using Keyword Research Tools. Checking details of a keyword such as its search volume, Competition, Cost Per Click ( CPC ) and all come in keyword researching.

After keyword researching, you find those targeted keywords of a particular topic which you can effectively place in your article and by doing correct On-Page SEO, you can rank higher in SERPs.

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

Through Keyword Research, you find those keywords which have high search volume. For example, this content is about ‘Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners’. So the keyword which I am focusing this content on is “Free Keyword Research Tools” because this is the term/keyword which people are searching for.

Now if you are writing on a topic which people are not searching then how could you get visitors on your blog? That’s why Keyword Research is important in Blogging.

How To Do Keyword Research?

To research keyword, there are various Paid and Free tools in the market. There’s no doubt that paid once are best but there are also some Free Keyword Research Tool which works best. These Free Keyword Research Tools provide almost 95% accurate data. That’s why I have shortlisted Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

There are hundreds of free Keyword Research Tools in the market. Out of all, only a few are best. So I have short-listed Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools which I have personally used and are best among all other free keyword research tools.

1. WordTracker

There are lots of Free Keyword Research Tools are available in the market, but among them, WordTracker is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool because it gives you those extra features than any other paid tool can give.

WordTracker is the combine Keyword Research Tool for all, Google, YouTube, Amazon, eBay. It allows you to find country-wise keyword data and one can also include or exclude some keywords from the main Keyword Results.

How to Do Keyword Researching on WordTracker?

To start Keyword Researching on Wordtracker, just

1. Put the keyword you want to analyze in the “Enter Keyword” section.

Word Tracker Keyword Research Tool

2. Select the platform for which you are researching keywords like Google, YouTube, etc.

Word Tracker Keyword Research Tool

3. Then Select the Country. You can also use it on default i.e., United States and then click on “Search”. Now it will show you all the related keywords to that term which you can include in your content after analyzing their data like volume, competition, and difficulty.

Word Tracker Keyword Research Tool

How to Analyze Results of WordTracker?

Now you will find all the related keywords according to your main keyword along with some long and short keywords. You can check only Search Volume, Competition and IAAT ( IAAT is the count of webpages on which both the Title and Tag appear in Backlink ) with the Free Version.

There are two sections on the Left and Right side of the Main result. On the left side, You can check more keyword suggestions related to your main keyword and you can add these suggestions to the main keyword results to analyze its search volume, competition and all.

On the right side, there’s a section for include and exclude particular keywords from the results. If you see some keywords in the main result which you do not want to work on, you can simply remove it by putting that keyword in exclude keyword section and the same goes for Include keyword section, you can add some keyword to check its result along with main keyword results. So with a click, you can add or remove a keyword from the main result.

You can also check the question that people are asking related to your keyword. If you have a premium version of WordTracker, you can also export the results in the form of an excel sheet.

Highlighted Features of Wordtracker

  • Combine Keyword Research Tool for Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc.
  • Country-wise keyword researching.
  • Hundreds of keyword suggestion and one-click to analyze that suggested keyword
  • Include or Exclude unwanted Keywords with a single click.
  • Export Search Results.

Advantages of Keyword Researching on Wordtracker

  1. Free to use with good features.
  2. Combined Keyword Researching tool for Google or YouTube. So there’s no need to use separate tools for Google or YouTube.
  3. Most of the customization or filtering can be made by single clicks.

Disadvantages of Keyword Researching on Wordtracker

  1. It shows only a few results with the free version.
  2. You cannot check the CPC of your keywords.

2. UberSuggest

If you’re in the Blogging field, whether new or old, you might have heard about Ubersuggest. It is the most hyped and famous Keyword Research Tool. Within the launch of a month, the Ubersuggest tool has gained millions of users.

UberSuggest is a Free Keyword Research Tool founded by SEO Expert Neil Patel. It is the only Keyword Research Tool that doesn’t come with the premium version i.e., it is completely free. It is a new tool and still the changes and improvements are going on a daily basis. It provides some best features which you can get on paid Keyword Research Tools only such as Ahref and Moz.

Along with keywords, Ubersuggest also analyzes your Competitor’s website. The best feature of Ubersuggest is that you can check Competitor’s Backlink that how many and where the competitor has made Backlink and in which form ( anchor tag or text ).

However, there are also some rumors about Ubersuggest that it shows false results, mostly in CPC cases. So you can ignore its CPC results and rely on other free Keyword Research Tool for CPC.

How to do Keyword Research Tool on UberSuggest ?

1. Put your Keyword in the box.

2. Select the country of your choice where you want your keyword to rank.

3. Click on the Search button.

Uber Suggest Free Keyword Research Tools

How To Analyze The Results Of Ubersuggest?

Now you can see an overview of your keywords like Search Volume, CPC, SEO Difficulty and Paid Difficulty.

Uber Suggest Free Keyword Research Tools

There is a graph of search volume. It also shows that what are the requirements of your site to reach on top 10 results on your keyword which means that how many backlinks and how much domain score is needed to get your webpage in the top 10 results.

Uber Suggest Free Keyword Research Tools

It also shows some long and short tail keyword by adding suffix and prefix to your keyword.

On the left, there are three sections, Ubersuggest, Traffic Analyzer, and SEO Analyzer. So you can also use these features to research your keyword.

Highlighted Features of Ubersuggest

  1. Research your keyword Country-wise.
  2. Requirements to rank your page in Top 10 Results.
  3. Shows Paid Difficulty.
  4. Separate Sections for Keyword Analyzer, Traffic Analyzer, and SEO Analyzer.

Advantages of Free Keyword Researching on Ubersuggest

  1. You can research keywords according to your country.
  2. Requirements can be checked to rank in Top 10 results
  3. You can check Backlinks and Top pages which is currently ranking on your searched keyword and also shows the amount of traffic that the top page is getting.

Disadvantages of Free Keyword Researching on Ubersuggest

  1. It has been proven that Ubersuggest shows False results.
  2. It shows False CPC

3. Google Keyword Planner

It is one of the most used Free Keyword Research Tool that every blogger have used it once but now it is no use. There are lots of Free Keyword Research Tools which provide much data than the Google Keyword Planner. The main problem with the Google Keyword Planner that it does not fulfill all the aspects of a Keyword Research tool. It is an integral part of Google Ads and shows results according to Google Ads. To use Keyword Planner, you just need a Google account and Bam! you’re ready to use Keyword Planner.

How to do Keyword Researching on Keyword Planner?

  1. Open Keyword Planner and click on Get Started.
  2. Put your keyword in the keyword box and click on search. You can search for multiple keywords at the same time.
  3. Now analyze results.

How to analyze Results of Keyword Planner?

Now you will see Clicks, impression, CTR and CPC. You can also check the average position and average CPC in your national currency.

It also shows forecast your keyword that how your keyword will perform in the near future. So that you can decide whether you need to work on this keyword or not.

On the left side, there is a menu that shows Keyword Ideas, Group Ideas, Overview and much more. Out of all, only a few are of our use. It also shows some additional details of your keyword like the Device-wise and State-wise performance of your keyword.

Highlighted Features of Keyword Planner

  1. CPC in National Currency.
  2. Device-wise and State-wise performance.
  3. Impression, Click Count and Average Position.
  4. Forecast of Keyword for Next Year.

Advantages of Keyword Planner

  1. Keyword Planner shows Impression and Click Counts.
  2. CPC and average are in your national currency.
  3. It has a feature called Keyword Forecast
  4. It also shows CTC percentage

Disadvantages of Keyword Planner

  1. It is much simple and does not fulfill the requirements of the Keyword Researching Tool.
  2. Lots of features are missing like Backlink checker, Top page requirements, keyword suggestion, etc

4. Keyword Revealer

You might be thinking that this is a new Keyword Research Tool as you haven’t heard it about before, but Keyword Revealer is old as Ubersuggest. It has lots of features but most are paid. Keyword Revealer is a paid keyword research tool but it also comes with a Free version.

With the free version, it allows only three keyword researches which means you can search any keyword only three times with one account. You can create multiple accounts to research keyword more than 3 times.

The best thing about Keyword Revealer is that it allows keyword research according to language. If you have any Hindi keyword then you select Hindi language and then research. Talking about its features, it also provides an option to select between different Countries. There’s also an option for saved Searches and today’s Searches which you can click on to see previous searches. So you don’t need to search that keyword again.

How to research keyword on Keyword Revealer?

  1. Login into your account and type Keyword in the Box. You can also paste the URL of your Competitor’s webpage to analyze with Premium Version.
  2. Select Location and Language
  3. Now Click on Search

Keyword Revealer Free Keyword Research Tools

How to analyze Keyword Revealer Results?

Now you will see Monthly Search Volume, Trends, CPC, Profit, and Difficulty of your main keyword. However, it shows the difficulty of only some keywords. If you want to see the difficulty of all keyword suggestions, then you will need to buy a premium account.

Along with the main keyword, it shows 49 more keyword suggestions. Out of all, it shows only 10 keywords suggestion as default, to view all, you have to select 50 entries on the left option. It also shows the total words in your keyword.

Keyword Revealer Free Keyword Research Tools

You can also analyze keyword in detail by using the Filter option. Clicking on Filter allows you to include or exclude some suggestions which you don’t need. You can also use the filter option according to the number of words in keywords, CPC, Monthly Searches, etc.  So there are lots of things you are getting with a Free account.

Keyword Revealer Free Keyword Research Tools

Highlighted Features of Keyword Revealer

  1. Allows Keyword Researching according to Language and Country.
  2. More than 50 keyword suggestions.
  3. It shows the number of words and profit of keyword in results.
  4. You can also filter the results.

Advantages of Keyword Revealer

  1. It provides many features for Keyword Researching with the free version.
  2. You can reveal unlimited keyword results.
  3. It runs an affiliate program through which you can earn money.
  4. The filter option allows you to research and analyze your keyword in detail.
  5. It shows the Trend Bar and allows you to download the reports.

Disadvantages of Keyword Revealer

  1. You can research only 3 keywords with Free Version
  2. The difficulty level of most keywords are hidden with Free Version

5. is the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner. However, it comes with both the Free and Paid versions. is a combined tool to research keywords of almost all platforms like Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay and even PlayStore, etc. Not only that,  If your keyword is related to video or news, then you can research keywords according to that.

The best feature that it has is language, you can also search keywords according to your native languages like Bengali and Tamil.

How to Research Keywords in

  1. Put your Keyword in Box
  2. Select language
  3. Click on Search Icon Free Keyword Research Tools

How to analyze Keyword Tool Results?

Now you’ll see hundreds of keyword suggestions along with Search Volume, Trends, CPC and Competition. But with Free version, you can only see keyword suggestions. Free Keyword Research Tools

So basically, it is useless with the free version. You can only get a lot of keyword suggestions. However, it has lots of features for Pro Version but we won’t get deep into that because we are talking about only Free Keyword Research Tool.

Highlighted Features of KeywordTool

  1. Hundreds and Thousands of Keyword Suggestions
  2. Combine tool to Research Keyword of Google. YouTube, Amazon, etc.
  3. It has a feature of the Competitor Analyzer.

Advantages of KeywordTool

  1. You get an option for multiple platform Keyword Researching.
  2. You can research keywords in your regional language.
  3. It allows to research Image, Video or News Keywords

Disadvantages of KeywordTool

  1. Almost all the useful features fall under Premium Version
  2. There’s nothing more than keyword suggestions with Free Version


These are all top 5 free keyword research tools available in the market. You can use it for your Keyword Researching. As these are free, the results of these tools might vary from paid tool to some extent but it doesn’t mean that these tools show false results.

However, if you are new in blogging and cannot afford to buy a paid keyword research tool then I would suggest you go with these free keyword research tools because finding the right keywords for your content is definitely important in blogging.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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