How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook Ads (Step By Step Guide)

The most common problem every blogger have is “How They Can Get Or Drive Traffic To Their Blogs?”. It is not an easy task to get organic traffic.

But, it is also not impossible. You have to work hard, learn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), read other top-notch blogs like, or, and create backlinks.

So today in this blog post, I will tell you How You Can Drive A Lot Of Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook Ads By Following These Simple Steps. But first I will tell you:

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic

We all know that it takes a lot of time to get your blog posts on the first page of Google. You need to give time for the SEO, do keywords research, analyze competitors, make backlinks and so many other stuff.

Newbie bloggers say that they are creating content, they are writing too many blog posts but not getting traffic.

So here What is their problem? Why they are not getting traffic?

The answer is that they are not doing correct content marketing. They are not building their own audience. They are only focused on getting traffic. Writing too many blog posts does not mean that you will get tons of traffic overnight.

You have to reach out to the correct audience. For reaching out to the audience, you can use Facebook Ads. 

Promoting your content through Facebook Ads will help you to build an audience for your blog. Through ads, people will know that there is a blog which gives awesome information and helps others.

People will subscribe to your blog and become your regular visitors. Hence, you will build an audience for your blog.

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How To Create Facebook Ads And Promote Your Content?

For creating Facebook ads, you need a Facebook account, a blog or website on which you want to drive traffic, a Facebook page of your website/blog, and some investment.

So here is the step by step guide for creating Facebook Ads

STEP 1: Login to your Facebook account, click on the drop-down icon located at the right side of the quick help icon. Then click on Create Ads.

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

STEP 2: Select Traffic and give your campaign name. I have given “Blog Traffic”. Then click on Continue

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

STEP 3: Now you can give the “Ad Set Name” according to you. Scroll down and then you will see an Audience column. There, enter the location where you want your ads to run. I am selecting “India”.

Then enter the age for your audience. I am entering from 13 to 40. Now enter the language. If your content is in English then you should select English.

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

STEP 4:  After filling your audience details, scroll down and you will see the Placement column. It will show your ads to the right people in the right places. You will see two options there. Automatic Placements and Edit Placements. Automatic placement will automatically place your ads in different positions where they will perform best.

You can select that option but I will recommend you to go with “Edit Placement” option because it will show your ads where you want to. It will also decrease your CPC ( Cost Per Click).

So select Edit Placement and select from the options where you want to show your ads. I am selecting only Facebook Feeds here. You can also select Instagram if your Facebook page is linked to the Instagram account.

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

STEP 5: Scroll down and select your daily budget. I would recommend you to go initially with ₹40. Then click on Continue

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

You will also see “Advanced Options”. There you can select your minimum bid for the ads engagement.

Suppose, you bid ₹1 per link click, then it will run your advert at a CPC of ₹1.

If you will bid less, there are very low chances that your ad will stand and run.

So I would recommend you not to place a bid. Go with default options. After having some experience with the ads, then you can try biding options.

STEP 6: Scroll down and in the Format tab, select “Single Image”.

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

In the image column, you can also upload the image you want to show in your link. But default, it will set as your featured image of the article.

Now scroll down and in the links column, enter the headline, text, and link of the article of your website which you want to promote. You can see in the image how I have filled all the necessary details.

How to drive traffic to your website using Facebook Ads

STEP 7: After filling all the details. Click on the Continue button. Now it will ask you for adding money in your account so your ad can spend and run. You can add money through VISA/Debit Card, Paypal and for Indian user, you can also add money through PayTm.

After adding the money, your ads will be reviewed by Facebook and you will get a confirmation after your ads are approved successfully.

Now, you have successfully created the Facebook ad and you will be able to drive a good amount of traffic to your blog 🙂


Through Facebook Ads, you can get traffic and build your own audience base. As much you will reach more people, your blog or brand will get popular.

However, it is a paid method but you should also focus on SEO and get organic traffic which is free. As said by Jaime Schember,

Organic Content Isn’t Dead. You Can’t Build A Community And Maintain Relationships In A Paid Way

If you have any query, ask me in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you out 🙂

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