I am Deeptanshu Panthi. I am the founder the IndiaBiotics.com . It is a media/news website on which you can find current affairs, trending issues and unknown facts about India which people rarely know. 

Why I Started PickHisBrain

I started PickHisBrain.com as I want to share my experience of website development, SEO, Affiliate marketing and other tips which I got from my 3 years of work in this field. I will try to put all the necessary tips and guidance so you can implement it on your websites. So subscribe now and stay tuned 🙂

What Will You Find On PickHisBrain

On PickHisBrain, you will find guides on Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, and Advertising Guides. We also have a Hindi section “PickInHindi” on our website, which is especially for the hindi audience. I also put tech reviews covering basic product reviews and buying guides.